2015 Mountain Bike XC Stage Race & MTB XC Marathon & MTB XC Racing Season Recap

SingleTrack 6 MTB XC Stage Race
  1. Stage 1 @ Salmon Arm BC July 26th = 47th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men
  2. Stage 2 @ Silver Star Vernon BC July 27th = 45th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men
  3. Stage 3 @ Kalamalka Lake Vernon BC July 28th = 48th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men
  4. Stage 4 @ Myra Bellevue Kelowna BC July 29th = 48th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men
  5. Stage 5 @ Campbell MTN Penticton BC July 30th = 47th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men
  6. Stage 6 @ Three Blind Mice Penticton BC July 31st = 49th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men

Marathon MTB XC
  1. Organ Grinder @ Canmore AB June 7th = 36th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men
  2. Rundles Revenge @ Canmore AB June 27th = 17th place out of 27 in Solo Open Men

Alberta Cup MTB XCO
  1. Royal River Valley Rumble in Edmonton AB May 24th = 27th out of 32 in Sport
  2. River Raid in Devon AB May 31st = 34th out of 35 in Sport
  3. Iron Maiden @ Canmore AB June 6th = 42nd out of 46 in Sport  

Corporate Challenge MTB XCO
  1. Corporate Challenge in Edmonton AB May 30th = 3rd out of 13.

This was my sixth season of mountain bike racing, and second with coach Heather K. I raced 2 spring series road races. I raced in 2 Fat Tire Tuesday MTB XC races. I volunteered for 1 ABA Cyclo Cross race put on by my club United Cycle I went a total of 2,350 km's training and racing on the road and trails.

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