December 2019/2020 River Cree Hockey League

Mon 9th, (Game #12) 1 Assist
@ 9:00pm, River Cree arena Rangers vs. Moose Knuckles (W 5-3) Great team effort and nice hat trick from Eli. Boxscore

December 2019 Training

Tue 3rd, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 1 hour did legs, core, chest & arms. Road the bike for 1 hour (Zone 1/2) Km's 24 

Sun 1st, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 35 minutes did legs, core, chest & arms. Road the bike for 1 hour (Zone 1/2) Km's 24 

November 2019/2020 River Cree Hockey League

Thu 28th, (Game #11) 1 Goal
@ 9:15pm, Enoch arena Rangers vs. Renegades (L 4-3) We played a really good game and just fell short tonight. Boxscore

Wed 21st, (Game #10) 1 Assist
@ 9:15pm, Enoch arena Rangers vs. Praxair Prostars (L 5-2) I thought we played them hard and kept moving our feet. Boxscore

Sat 16th, (Game #9)
@ 5:15pm, River Cree arena Rangers vs. Jokers (L 7-5) We blew a third period three goal lead. We had lot’s of chances. Boxscore

Fri 8th, (Game #8) 1 Assist
@ 10:15pm, River Cree arena Rangers vs. Moose Knuckles (L 9-5) It felt like we played better than the score was. Boxscore

Fri 1st, (Game #7) 1 Goal
@ 10:30pm, Enoch arena Rangers vs. Praxair Prostars (L 6-5) This game had everything from goals to nice saves. Boxscore 

November 2019 Training

Sun 10th, Spin @ my parents house for 45 minutes (Zone 1/2) Km's 18

Sat 2nd, Went to gym @ the Meadows for 25 minutes did legs, core, chest & arms. Road the bike for 45 minutes (Zone 1/2) Km's 18 

October 2019/2020 River Cree Hockey League

Fri 25th, (Game #6) 1 Goal
@ 8:00pm, Enoch arena Rangers vs. Renegades (L 5-3) We had a two nothing lead however just could not hold on for the win. Boxscore

Thu 17th, (Game #5) 1 Goal & 1 Assist 
@ 10:30pm, Enoch arena Rangers vs. Rookies (L 10-3) This team is getting moved two divisions lower because they are really good. Boxscore

Tue 8th, (Game #4)
@ 8:45pm, River Cree arena Rangers vs. Jokers (L 6-2) We scored twice to make it a three to two game early in the third period. Boxscore

October 2019 Training

Sun 6th, MTB ride @ Gold Bar Park with parents for 2hrs (Zone 2/3) Average heart rate =138 Max =191, Elevation gain 712 feet. Km's 18

September 2019/2020 River Cree Hockey League

Mon 30th, (Game #3) 1 Goal & 1 Assist 
@ 7:45pm, River Cree arena Rangers vs. Moose Knuckles (L 6-5) We scored in the last second of the game however it was close so did not countBoxscore

Mon 9th, (Game #2)
@ 7:45pm, River Cree arena Rangers vs. Moose Knuckles (L 2-1) The game was really close and could have gone either wayBoxscore

Tue 3rd, (Game #1) 1 Assist
@ 10:30pm, Enoch arena Rangers vs. Rookies (L 5-1) We were really rusty in the first period after the summer off. Boxscore

September 2019 Training

Sat 14th, Road ride @ Colchester Hall with parents for 1hr & 36mins (Zone 1/2) Average heart rate =138 Max =183, Elevation gain 413 feet. Km's 37

Sat 7th, MTB ride @ Terwillegar Park with parents for 2hrs (Zone 2/3) Average heart rate =136 Max =191, Elevation gain 955 feet. Km's 18

Pic by Mom.
Pic by Mom.

2019 Mountain Bike XC Marathon & MTB XC Racing Season Recap

Marathon MTB XC
  1. Golden two four @ Golden BC June 15th = 42nd out of 60 in the solo open men category 
Alberta Cup MTB XCO 
  1. Royal River Valley Rumble @ Edmonton AB May 26th = 10th out of 12 in the Expert men category 
  2. Mountain Maiden @ Canmore AB June 1st = 21st out of 22 in the Expert men category
  3. Fluffy Bunny Provincial Championships @ Bragg Creek AB June 8th = 5th out of 5 in the Masters Men 30-39 category   

This was my tenth consecutive season of mountain bike racing, and sixth with coach Heather K. I did one fat tire Tuesday MTB XC race. I went a total of 1, km's training and racing on the road and trails along with indoor spinning and cross country skiing.

August 2019 Training

Sat 17th, MTB ride @ Mill Creek Ravine with parents for 1hr & 40mins (Zone 2/3) Average heart rate =133 Max =186, Elevation gain 689 feet. Km's 16

Sun 4th, MTB ride @ Gold Bar Park with parents for 2hrs & 30mins (Zone 2/3) Average heart rate =144 Max =194, Elevation gain 1,155 feet. Km's 22

Fri 2nd, MTB ride @ Kinsmen Park for 1hr & 9mins (Zone 3/4) Average heart rate =159 Max =196, Elevation gain 486 feet. Km's 13

4th. Pic by Mom.