Iron Maiden MTB XC Race 2013 @ Canmore (Alberta Cup) #2

Saturday June 8th, I finished 46th place out of 51 in Sport results. It took me 1hr 34mins. It was three laps long for a total of 18 Kms. The total Elevation gain was 1,634 feet. My average heart rate was 185 and max was 196. I stayed in my clips for most of the race except for one really small steep up hill section and the (three down arrow section after that, I un clipped and still flipped over the handle bars on my first crash) and the (tight switch back section beside the organ donor, I tried it clipped in and crashed) I was ok after both crashes. I road the technical Devonian Drop and many other tight hard sections. The race was held at the Canmore Nordic Centre and the temperature was 17 deg C. A huge thanks to Spin Sisters and all the volunteers for putting on the race, and the BBQ burgers after were great.

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