Spring Series Road Race 2014 #1 @ Northern Bear Golf Club

Saturday May 3rd, I finished 8th out of 14 in group C and that is un official because there is no timing done. It took me 1 hr & 40 mins. It was four laps and a total of 52 km's long. My average heart rate was 178 bpm and max was 199 bpm. The total Elevation gain was 663 feet. I road 5kms to the start line so it served as a nice warm up and for the day I went a total of 62 Kms. The temperature was only 2 deg c. I stayed with the main group for over two laps and I spent a lot of time at the front driving the pace and on one of the up hills I split the group up. There was a break on lap three and because I was on the front when it took place I was just not able to close the gap in time. There was a professional tri athlete in our group and some really fast riders as well. I am happy with my result and performance.

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