Spring Series Road Race 2014 #2 @ Northern Bear Golf Club

Sunday May 11th, I finished 13th out of 33 in group C and that is un official because there is no timing done. It took me 1 hr & 31 mins. It was four laps and a total of 52 km's long. My average heart rate was 182 bpm and max was 200 bpm. The total Elevation gain was 612 feet. I road 5kms to the start line so it served as a nice warm up and for the day I went a total of 62 Kms. The temperature was 13 deg c with a bit of a wind. I was nine minutes faster than I was just last Saturday. My legs and lungs felt great. I got dropped from the main group about sixteen minutes in, then formed a three person group where I road up front for a full lap and I had a team mate Shauna there to help me and later four more joined us to form a chasing group. I finished about 30 seconds off the lead group and I made my move a bit to soon to catch them as I should have just waited one more minute as we still had three kms to go.

Post Race with my team, Me, Shauna T, Leanne E, Heather K, Trevor C, Cory D, David J


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