River Raid MTB XC Race 2014 @ Devon (Alberta Cup) #2

Sunday July 6th, I finished 26th out of 28 in Sport Results. It took me 1hr & 23mins. It was two laps and a total of 20 km's long. It took me 44mins on lap1 and 39mins for lap2. The total Elevation gain was 1,352 feet. My average heart rate was 182 bpm and max was 201 bpm. Today was pure struggle for me and my body as it shut down on me mid way on lap one. I will not make any excuses as today was a B race for me and was not my focus but it didn't help that I was called into work early on the holiday Tuesday (Canada Day) and then on Saturday morning @ 2:30am and was there for a long time. The thing that I am most proud of was that yes my body was not working properly today so instead on giving up I posted a second lap that was five minutes faster to give me some confidence. Today was a fun day as an old team mate from River Valley Cycle was racing Gord B and we have not raced in the same race since 2011, unfortunately his de-railer broke, another old RVC team mate Sheldon S and his family including two young children came out to watch and cheer, thanks for the support Sheldon S. The course was different this year, it was longer and harder with wide open spots to sprint, mixed with some long steep climbs, and technical decents. The temperature was 26 deg C. A huge thanks to all the volunteers and Devon Bicycle Association and Evan W, Stew H for putting on the race.

You can not tell but this is a long climb, pic by Nancy St-H

You can not tell but this is a long climb, pic by Nancy St-H

Pic by Leanne E, Gord B right behind me.

Pic by  Leanne E, and also was cheering.


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