October 2014/2015 Non Contact Hockey League

Wed 29th, (Game #8) 1 Assist
@ 10:45pm, Kinsmen Arena Rangers vs. Admirls (W 4-1) My assist I carried the puck in and got around their defence men and was past their goal line and got it out in front for Chris R who out battled their player to be in front of the net. We out played them in the first period and went up 2-0 including Harry A and him scoring his first ever goal, It was great to see and the whole bench cheered loud for the moment, he also added a assist. We did not play very well in the second period and they scored their goal as I got back in time but I think the puck bounced of their players skate, just a lucky bounce. We played better in the third period. James S 1G & 1A. Jason L 1G. Scott I 1A. Alex H 1A.   

Thu 23rd, (Game #7) 2 Goals & 3 Assists
@ 10:45pm, Terwillegar Arena Rangers vs. Puckaneers (W 11-1) On my first goal Scott I cycled the puck down low to Javan M and he passed it to me and I slid it just inside the post. My second goal I got in front of the net just ahead of their defence men and Javan M passed it to me and I one timed it in. My first assist Javan M and I cycled the puck down low and got it out in front to Scott I. My second assist I won the face off back to Howard C and his shot was deflected in by Scott I. My third assist Scott I kept it in and got it to me behind the net and I got it out front to Javan M. Our team out played and skated our opposition tonight. We were one full step ahead of them all night. I give them credit because with the score like it was they were not poor sports about it and kept on playing hard. It was nice to see our team do well like this. James S 2G & 1A. Jason L 1G & 1A. Ryan S 1G & 1A. Scott I 2G & 2A. Javan M 1G & 3A. Ryan L 1G & 1A. Patrick G 2A. Howard C 2A.

Mon 13th, (Game #6) 1 Assist
@ 10:45pm, Terwillegar Arena Rangers vs. Ghostbusters 2 (W 4-2) My assist I stole the puck from their defence men and passed it to Jason L who was right in front of the net. I started the game with one extended shift on D. Our team only had three D and they played hard. The Ghostbusters 2 played a good hard game and there were two separate times that they kept it in our zone by keeping it in at the points and the only way we could relieve the pressure was to flip the puck out high. The biggest difference was the great goaltending Ryan L provided tonight. Jason L 2G. Javan M 1G. Ryan S 1G. James S 1A.

Wed 8th, (Game #5) 3 Goals 
@ 10:45pm, Kinsmen Arena Rangers vs. Black Aces (W 6-3) My first goal was from a nice pass from Javan M as I took a quick burst of speed and I got in tight and went to the back hand. My second goal I took away the puck from their forward at centre ice then I got around one of their players and had one defence men left so I went outside wide then cut inside and got behind him and shot it through the arm of the goalie, I can not lie it was a high light reel goal & the GWG. My third goal was from a nice pass from the corner from Javan M and Bruce C directed it to the net and I got my stick on it. The first period it was very even, Then in the second we out played and out shot them and we played really good. The Third period we took our foot of the gas a little. We out shot them. Our defence did great at getting the puck up to the forwards. Javan M 2A. Bruce C 1G & 1A. Ryan S 1G & 1A. James S 2A. Scott I 1G.   

Wed 1st, (Game #4) 1 Assist
@ 10:45pm, Kinsmen Arena Rangers vs. Bandits (L 6-5 s/o) I got my assist as to start the game I won the face off and passed it over to Jason L and he went in and scored (six seconds into the game). I broke up two, two on one chances they had. I was the third shooter in the shoot out and was stopped from the goalie's toe. Our Goalie Ryan L kept us in the game early with some big saves. I think this game was our best effort start to finish. One thing our team did well was chip the puck in deep and chase after it and we beat their defence a couple times to get a good chance. We earned the point. James S nice break away deke goal. Cameron B continues his strong play with 2G & 1A.  

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