SingleTrack 6 MTB XC Race 2015: Stage 6 @ Three Blind Mice, Penticton BC

Friday July 31st, I finished 49th place out of 50 in Solo Open Men Results, It took me 3hrs 55mins, It was a total of 36 Kms. Total elevation gain 3,761 Feet. My average heart rate was 140 bpm and max was 174 bpm. The temperature was 33 deg C and sunny. Check out my garmin data here. Before the start I stopped in at the medical trailer and got some IB Profen extra strength. One of the therapists wrapped up my bruised right knee with red tape to try to help the pain be less. Today there was only one climb, oh and it was 22 km's long with some technical single track with rock slabs to ride over, a bit of fire road, gravel path and some pavement. There was a couple sections of the climb that was almost flat. A couple rocks I did not make it up so I limped up them. The first part of the descent was very steep and lots of rocks and sharp turns and I jumped off and limped on down best I could. There was a few down hill sections that I road and had a lot of fun on. They made the race a couple km's shorter today as once we were done the timed descent that was also todays finish line. I am so happy that I finished today. It was pure determination as my pain in my right knee was very high as I had no power to pedal and most of all it hurt like heck to run up or down sections of the course. Now I get a general classification as I finished all six days. A huge thanks to Transrockies for putting on the race and to all the volunteers for their effort to help make this bucket list dream come true.

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This was not my finish time as we finished after the timed descent. Pic by

The start for today in beautiful Penticton, on Lake Okanagan. We climbed up the mountain over by the Penticton sign.

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