Mountain Maiden MTB XC Race 2016 @ Canmore Nordic Centre (Alberta Cup) #1

Saturday June 4th, I finished 25th out of 28 in Sport Results. It took me 1 hour & 16 minutes. It was three laps and a total of 18 km's long. The total Elevation gain was 1,348 feet. My average heart rate was 174 bpm and max was 190 bpm. Check out my Garmin data Here.

I had a good start for the first five minutes. From there on this was one of my worst races to date. I didn't have good legs and my lungs were feeling it today. The results showed all three lap times were 25 minutes and I felt like I was faster on lap two and three. I did not want to quit and instead just wanted to press on and finish because that is the most important thing to me. I really enjoyed the course because it had a great long climb in it and there was a fast and flowing decent that was not overly technical as they cut out some features that normally are in the race.

The temperature was 27 deg C and perfect. I would like to thank all the volunteers and Spin Sisters for putting on the race.

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