Rundle's Revenge MTB XC Marathon Race 2016 @ Canmore Nordic Centre

Saturday June 25th, I finished 14th place out of 21 in Solo Open Men Results, Overall I was 28th out of 48 for solo open and master open men category. It took me 3hrs & 55mins, (Lap1= 57mins) (Lap2= 56mins) (Lap3= 1hr) (Lap4= 1hr & 1min) It was a total of 50 Kms. Total elevation gain 4,324 Feet. My average heart rate was 169 bpm and max was 187 bpm. Check out my garmin data Here.

I took Friday the 24th off work so I could get in a pre lap and it was pouring rain when I had arrived. It rained hard until 6:00am two hours before our start. It was a mass start and there was over 270 racers. The first three laps the course was wet and the roots & rocks were very slippery so you definitely had to be careful. I am so happy with how well I road on lap one and fore sure my second lap because it was my fastest. My last two laps I just road consistent. I am also so happy how I handled my riding on the wet conditions.

The temperature was 7 deg C for the 8:00am start and when I finished it was 15 deg C. A huge thanks to Transrockies for putting on the race and all the volunteers for all their effort to help make this a great event to participate in.

Mass start of all categories & over 270 racers. I'm by second pylon on the right. Pic by Raven Eye Photo

I'm Charging hard up the mountain on lap #1 and leading this pack. Pic by Raven Eye Photo

The course was pretty slick and wet. Pic by Raven Eye Photo

Pic by Raven Eye Photo

This was taken thirty minutes before I finished. Sun came out. Pic by Raven Eye Photo


  1. Nice work Jeff! Sorry to miss you this year, I did the Badlands Gran Fondo instead. Enjoy the rest of the season!

    1. Thanks Ross. I hope your Gran Fondo was fun. Im doing Singletrack 6 at the end of July.

    2. Awesome, I've considered it but never pulled the trigger. Good luck, I look forward to hearing how it goes.