Deadgoat Giver6er MTB XC Marathon Race 2016 @ Canmore Nordic Centre (Alberta Cup XCM) #2

Sunday June 5th, I finished 25th place out of 26 in Solo Open Men Results. It took me 5 hours & 16 minutes and I completed four laps. I went a total of 48 Kms. Total elevation gain was 5,154 Feet. My average heart rate was 154 bpm and max was 183 bpm. Check out my garmin data here.

The format of this race is easy complete as many laps as you can in six hours. I paced myself really good on the first lap. I was about to head out for lap two when I felt something loose in my front wheel. I stopped at the Juventus tent where Tracy S put my bike on the stand and tightened the front brakes. Everything was tight and he was thinking it was a bushing in the fork. It took about twelve minutes and that was a really nice thing he did for me and he said I could keep racing. I had a good second lap. It was strange because I felt my front fork rattle a bit. Then things went downhill because my stomach started to hurt. I didn't feel like I was going to get sick. My legs felt o.k. On lap four was a really big struggle as lots of times I just wanted to quit because my stomach hurt going over every bump and I even had to get off the bike a couple times. I managed to push through in the heat and a sore stomach and I am very proud I did not quit.

The temperature was 30 deg C. A huge thanks to Deadgoat Racing for putting on the race and the BBQ chicken sausage hotdogs were fantastic and all the volunteers for all their effort.

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