Pigeon Lake Road Race 2013 (Alberta Cup) #1

Sunday May 26th, I did not finish in Cat 5. It took me 2hrs 56mins. I ended up going 80Kms because I was re routed, it was originally 63kms. I got lots of good training in so it worked out well. The total Elevation gain was 1,949 feet. My average heart rate was 174 and max 195 was. This was my first ever Alberta Cup level road race. I had been getting over a really bad sinus infection the past ten days, and felt good today. I lasted about 6kms in the main peleton and it was a big one with over 60 racers all in one huge pack. My friend and teammate Stew H was up the road so I caught up to him and from there on in we road together. I went ahead and pulled us up the hills and then he went ahead to pull me down the hills. It seemed to work really well. On our first lap we passed a bad crash and had to go really slow. On the second lap and at our 55kms mark we had to stop at the place of the bad crash. The race orginizers had to cancel the remainder of the race because they closed the road so they can get to the injured riders, I hope those injured to a good recovery. The temperature was 20 deg C. A huge thanks to all the volunteers and ERTC for putting on the race, the BBQ burgers at the end were fantastic.

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