Spring Series Road Race 2015 #2 @ Northern Bear Golf Club

Sunday April 26th, I finished at the very back of the race in group B and that is un official because there is no timing done. It took me 2 hrs. It was five laps and a total of 64 km's long. My average heart rate was 165 bpm and max was 197 bpm. The total Elevation gain was 1,519 feet. Check out my Garmin Data Here. I parked at Strathcona Olympiette Centre and it is 10 kms to the start line so it was as a nice warm up. For the day I went a total of 84 Kms and road for 2hrs 40mins. I ended up at the back about five bikes from the very back and there was a large group of about fifty riders. Towards the end of the first lap I got boxed out and then I was very last and that proved to be hard to hold on because I kept having to brake and then go again and then eventually I got dropped after almost lasting one lap with the group. I then road solo and caught up with team mate Shauna T and then the C group went by so we ended up riding with them for a couple of laps. I did a lot of work to keep the pace high and help out the C group. Then we got dropped again on our third lap and we caught on to Chris W so we road a lap. Shauna and I road the last lap at a group ride pace as it took thirty minutes. I am glad I tried group B today. The temperature was 12 deg c. Thank you to all the volunteers.

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