SingleTrack 6 MTB XC Race 2016: Stage 3 @ Cranbrook, BC

Monday July 25th, I finished 39th place out of 47 in Solo Open Men Results, and in the timed descent I was 166th out of 194 overall solo men Results. It took me 3hrs & 26mins, It was a total of 42 Kms. Total elevation gain 3,586 Feet. My average heart rate was 165 bpm and max was 183 bpm. Check out my garmin data Here.

The night before I had dinner at East Side Marios with some friends Trevor P, Michelle E, Stew H, Mike K & his wife. Today they did a wave start for us and I was in wave 4, it was great because your racing with similar riders at your pace. I took off from the start and pushed really hard for the first ten km's as I charged up the long gradual climb and was red lining all the way up as I was in the lead pack. The first descent was really technical and steep with rocks and loose dirt so I just road it out safely. This course was great it had great flow and good climbs. I started to get tired legs around the twenty five km mark and then re gained some power. I really enjoyed the timed descent because there was some climbing in there. My legs and lower back were pretty sore towards the end. Today was my best result.

The temperature was 30 deg C. A huge thanks to Transrockies for putting on the race and to all the volunteers for their efforts. I stayed at Best Western and it was great.

Pic by Raven Eye Photo

Pic by Raven Eye Photo

This was the start/finish line. We went to the right up the mountain. Pic by me.

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