SingleTrack 6 MTB XC Stage Race 2016 @ Kootenay Rockies BC: Recap

General Classification
I did not finish all six days so I don't get a general classification in Solo Open Men. I did finish the first four days and at that point in the GC I was in 40th place out of 49 Results and that overall took me 13hours & 58minutes and was a total of 145 Kms with a total elevation gain of 16,692 Feet of climbing. 

Recap Of The Race

My coach Heather K had a great program for me since January 1 2016 and I peaked for this race because I was just getting stronger with each day until the crash on July 26th (Stage four) I suffered a grade two AC Joint sprain on my right shoulder from a crash on day four as I had gone to the Hospital in Golden on July 27th and did X-Rays. I decided that I was going to withdraw from the race because I could not hold the handle bars for multiple hours and I did not want to risk crashing on the shoulder again. It was a shame because this was the best that I have ever raced and felt before. That's racing and sometimes these things happen. I am happy I tried my best.

I did receive a singletrack 3 medal and finisher T-shirt as the first three days were the same start times and same courses. I do not get a solo open result in that race (Single track 3) as I registered for the 6 days. Stage 1 @ Fernie BC, Stage 2 @ Fernie Alpine Resort BC, Stage 3 @ Cranbrook BC, Stage 4 @ Kimberley BC. Stage 5 & 6 @ Golden BC and I did not start the Golden days. There were racers from over sixteen countries and a very strong field came to this great event. The final banquet was held in Golden BC. I sat with Trevor P and Michelle. There were great stories to share with the racers and volunteers, and the slide show was fun to watch.

Thank You
A huge thanks to Transrockies for putting on the race and to all the technical, mechanics, medics, masseurs, ambassadors and finish & checkpoint marshals as there was so much effort put into organising a huge first class event like this. One volunteer made me PB&J sandwiches at the finish line each day, very thoughtful.

Me in a sling @ Golden BC unable to finish the final two days. Pic by mom

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