Fat Tire MTB XC Race 2015 #1 @ Terwillegar Park

Tuesday May 5th, I finished third last place in the A group and it was four laps. It was 16 kms long and it took me 1 hour. My average heart rate was 171 bpm and Max 192 bpm. Total elevation gain was 1,073 feet. Check out my Garmin data Here. It was 9 deg C and there was a wind that had a hint of winter in it still. I had a really slow start to the race tonight as I was a bit late getting out tonight and not able to get in a warm up. For almost two laps I was just ahead of Karen M who was doing the B group and I was surprised I stayed ahead as she is a really strong racer and is great in the technical parts. I picked some really good lines on the decents on my last lap. The course was really fun and it had a good long climb to start out with. Thanks to the guys @ Kokanee Redbike Race Team for putting on the race.

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