Corporate Challenge 2015 MTB XC Race @ Terwillegar Park

Saturday May 30th, I did the technical single track course and finished 3rd out of 13. It was four laps long and 15 km's in total. It took me 46 minutes. My Average heart rate was 177 bpm and max was 195 bpm. The total elevation gain was 768 feet. Check out my garmin data Here. With my warm up I road 20 km's today. I got bottled up at the start and did not get to the spot I was hoping for in the single track. I did mange to catch up to a couple racers and pass them. I also got backed up on a few spots because when I was lapping racers and I said to your right they just stayed on the single track so I had to pass when we hit a corner or open spot. (They might not have known racer educate and that is fine) I had a sprint finish to the line and I was one second from catching him. This type of short race is like a sprint and that is not my specialty as I am more of a marathon guy. On my team was Teresa M and she did the 14km non technical course and she finished in 36 minutes and raced really well. She has a back ground in triathlons. The third member on the team was Pat M who did the 7km non technical course and he won it in a time of 17 minutes, Way to go! Pat has a back ground in XC ski racing and running races 10kms to half marathons. Our team Melcor won the silver medal. It is based on the size of your company. There were a lot of race team members from various clubs, including a couple elite racers and I saw some former racers that used to race a high level. The temperature was 9 deg C. Thank you Mike B and the team at Cooperate Challenge for putting on the race & all the volunteers to make this happen.

Me trying my best at the finish line in a sprint finish. Missed out by one second!
Trying hard at the finish line.
Silver lining - Teresa M, Me & Pat M.

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