River Raid MTB XC Race 2015 @ Devon (Alberta Cup) #2

Sunday May 31st, I finished 34th out of 35 in Sport Results. It took me 1 hour & 17 minutes. It was two laps and a total of 19 km's long. The total Elevation gain was 1,381 feet. My average heart rate was 173 bpm and max was 191 bpm. Check out my Garmin data Here. The result is the same, a last place as the one behind me was a DNF. As I sit here writing this I wonder to my self how the heck do I move up in the sport men field. I ask am I mad with this result and the answer is no, and why is that? because on the same course and conditions as last year I was six minutes faster in this years race. That is an improvement. This was also a B race for me. Alberta Bicycle Association is making the MTB XC races shorter and want them to run no longer than 1.5 hours making them a 70 minute sprint, I am not built for that kind of race, as I am like a big diesel engine meant to ride for longer. The course was a lot of fun with lots of climbing, technical riding and open double track. I could not make it up one tight technical switch back climb and I could not make it down the long technical descent so both these sections I ran. A well known elite racer Matt H came out and raced, very cool to see him there today. My former RVC team mate Sheldon S and his son came out to watch and cheer at the race. The temperature was 22 deg C. A huge thanks to Evan W, Stew H all the volunteers for Devon Bicycle Association for putting on the race.

 Pic by Nancy St-H

Approaching the finish line. Pic by Nancy St-H

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